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B2B meetings,

Promotional Activites,

Company representation in Qatar,

Provision of an address in Qatar’s Capital Doha,

Dedicated local phone number and website,

Possibility in storing materials/ gadgets in Qatar for possible distribution to contractors,

Preparation of B2B meetings and trade fairs

Business networking meetings,
Project Management,

Company representation in Poland,

Preparation of B2B meetings, events and trade fairs

Preparation of applications for goverment grants

Product promotion in the local market

Build the company’s image and brand in the local market

Business Visas,

Comprehensive business travel programme,

Company representation and registration in the EU,

Business/networking meetings,

Project management and development,

Preparation of EU funds grant applications,

Promotional and marketing acitivites,

Present expansion funding programmes at central and regional levels,

Possibility in storing materials/ gadgets in Qatar for possible distribution to contractors,

Preparation of B2B meetings and trade fairs,

Providing the knowledge to enable commercial activities in Qatar and the GCC region,

Investigating product and market potential in the context of your company,

Business/networking meetings,

Project management, development,

Promotional and marketing activities,

Company representation in the Qatar,

Comprehensive business travel programme.

Identification of potential opportunities of the market,

Analysis of procedures and required documents (certificates and permits),

Setting the strategic goals of the company and the objectives of the planned expansion,

Preliminary market reconnaissance with regard to the company’s activities,

Identification of possible legal forms of business in Qatar,

Creation of a business plan,

Submission of financial documents and applications for EU funds

Establishing the company’s position at home and abroad,

Analysis of the product with which the company plans to enter the market,

Analysis of the degree of internationalisation,

Handling the day-to-day promotion of the company,

Promote the product and offer on the local market,

Build company and brand image in the local market,

Develop appropriate marketing materials in the local language,

Develop the right product/service communication expected by the local market,

Communication and negotiations with the trade fair organiser,

Professional trade fair stand services,

Selection of potential business partners exhibiting at the trade fair,

Planning of the trade fair trip and stand logistics,

Selection of an optimum location for the trade fair stand,


Reach out to the right contacts from the selected companies,

Conduct preliminary promotion and business talks on behalf of the company,

Arrange B2B meetings (in real life during visits and online between visits),

Moderation of meetings with partners,

Select companies for B2B meetings,

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